10 people who want to be forgotten by Google

Who do you think is among the contenders for Google ‘s recently acquired  “right to be forgotten” ? Employees search engine for sharing this information with MarketingLand, and which  published a  list of 10 people who applied for the removal of pages from the SERPs.


A politician who behaved in an unseemly manner

The former politician sent a request with the request to remove from the search links to articles about his behavior in the ministry (which, to all appearances, characterizes him not from the best side).

Doctor with negative reviews

The doctor asked to delete the page with reviews about his work, again, presumably because these reviews are mostly negative.

Convicted pedophile

A man who was convicted of possession of child pornography wants to remove references to his allegations from the search.

A celebrity kid with a criminal past

A celebrity child asks to remove news articles about his criminal conviction.

A company with bad reviews

The company, which is accused of extorting money from clients, asks to remove from the search links to the forum with a discussion of their activities.

The actor hiding his novel

The actor asks to remove articles about his love affair with a certain young person.

The person who committed the attempted murder

The unknown, who tried to kill his family, does not want the public to remember this incident.

Suspended teacher

The teacher, who was removed from his job, asks for the removal of articles about his case.

Cyber ​​stalker, or the Internet maniac

The convicted Internet maniac, whose name is mentioned in the article on prosecution for Internet prosecution, asks to remove the link to this article.

A tax evader

The tax evader wants to remove from the search all references that lead to articles about his involvement in the violation of the law.


Article marketing can increase sales, strengthen reputation and generate demand for a new product. But even more effective this tool becomes, if it is possible to achieve WOW-effect.

Marketing in business is impossible without the creation of useful content for the target audience. We emphasize, not advertising, but interesting material. This is especially true for the promotion of a new product. To go sales, first you need to create a market, to convey to the audience the value of a new product or service, to generate demand. Article marketing is good at this.

As an example, you can bring the experience of entering the market of the Chinese manufacturer of headphones Bluedio. Articles on popular resources, deliberately youth humor in infographics and banners, as well as work with video bloggers brought them about5,800,000 views in the period from March to May 2017.

Completely unknown to the Russian market, the company sold over 6000 headphones in three months, earned a good reputation and gained recognition in the key segment.

An example of humorous posts in the advertising campaign Bluedio

Companies that already work in the market can also use the promotion with useful articles. This type of content allows you to create a positive image, does not require additional investment after publication, improves SEO performance, generates quality leads.

We recommend reading the article in the Webartex project blog about how to use the capabilities of article marketing to solve business problems. In the meantime, we will discuss how the WOW-effect works to attract customers.

Articles as a sales tool

Article marketing as an integral part of content marketing:

  • works for a long-term perspective;
  • gives a viral effect;
  • cheaper than traditional advertising channels;
  • I did not have time to get myself an audience;
  • improves SEO-indicators.

But this tool can be strengthened by offering content to the target audience, which gives the WOW-effect. We collected five different, but interesting examples of article marketing.

Useful articles and infographics in your own blog

ShoreTel Sky is a company that provides cloud telephone services. To increase brand awareness and improve SEO-indicators, the provider began publishing articles on its blog to interesting people. And to make them more viral, regularly created thematic infographics.

As a result, traffic to the site has increased by 50% in six months, the number of external links has grown three-fold, and users have become 42% more likely to make a purchase.

How to attract customers with the help of article marketing

Thematic infographics helped increase sales

Posts in social networks, videos, advertising and PR articles on authoritative resources

Zillidy is a consumer lending company. To attract the attention of the press and encourage people to be active in social networks, on the main page of the Zillidy site and in social networks there were videos and posts, in the blog – educational thematic articles and lifhaki, in the media of the Huffington Post and New York Times – interesting PR texts.

As a result, the number of subscribers in social networks has increased 10-fold. Search scans for the first 10 months of the campaign increased by 1350%. Links to the content Zillidy shared 2500 times.

How to attract customers with the help of article marketing

Useful posts have made Zillidy recognizable

No less interesting example – a case of service for fans to cook CookSmarts . In order to increase brand awareness and expand the audience of active users, it was decided to publish useful infographic and entertaining articles on external resources.

The first article “50 simple salads for each season” was posted on the popular Lifehacker site and was instantly widely used on the Internet. The target audience willingly used a new approach to cooking, and went to the CookSmarts website to get more information.

How to attract customers with the help of article marketing

A useful article about cooking will be in demand today, tomorrow, in a year

White books

LinkedIn is a social business platform. To strengthen the image of a comfortable environment for communication of professionals, not just an article was created, but an e-book for 27 pages. “Native advertising: What is this. How to create it “with useful tips, statistics, examples of strategies.

The material was a great success, because users had the opportunity to learn something new to improve their professional skills. It was unusual, interesting, amazing. As a result, the trust to the LinkedIn platform has grown, new users have come.

How to attract customers with the help of article marketing

An article that has become a book. LinkedIn can surprise

Another example of the use of this format is the experience of the Canadian representative office of McDonald’s. To increase the audience’s trust in the brand, to return it to their restaurants, the Canadian branch of McDonald’s prepared a phenomenal article that answered 10,000 customer questions. A great way to build strong relationships with people is to tell the truth about the company. People appreciated their openness, the reputation of the restaurant in Canada was restored.

How to attract customers with the help of article marketing

Here there are all the answers to questions about food in McDonald’s

Please note, all these examples unite the desire of business owners to create something useful and unusual. WOW-effect worked, the audience received valuable content, and the company – a powerful reaction in the form of sales, increasing recognition and traffic to the site. But there is one more important point that has increased the effectiveness of the marketing campaign.

It’s about the distribution of content.

Where to promote content and how to track the effectiveness of advertising campaigns

It is important not only to generate good content, but also to correctly communicate it to the target audience. The main channels of distribution, which, with a competent approach, give a quick result and powerful feedback:

  • Mass media, thematic sites, profile communities and forums;
  • groups and posts in social networks;
  • groups in instant messengers (Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp);
  • emails;
  • opinion leaders, niche experts and (video) bloggers.

Everything seems simple, but there is one thing: with a large-scale advertising campaign it is impossible to control all communication channels . Therefore, it is advisable to use the services-aggregators, in which you can select a blogger, a VKontakte group or any other site for placing advertising information.

A good example of this service is the Webartex platform . You can manage an advertising campaign from a single office. Everything is clear and everything is at hand. And if there are difficulties with the selection of sites, you can ask technical support.

The result

Content marketing in general, and especially article marketing – is not just a PR-technology. This is a consistent and unobtrusive formation of habits necessary for the brand of the target audience. Which, in turn, will translate the received ideas further, attracting new fans of the brand. Free, sincere and long.

A useful article or other content with WOW-effect gives traffic from search engines, generates a large number of backlinks, forms an image of expertise. This is link building, built on trust and mutual respect. Therefore, we recommend using all the possibilities of article marketing to promote the company in the market.

5 habits of a successful content creator

Ninety percent of marketing companies use content marketing as part of their strategy. However, this does not mean that all the content that they create is convincing and valuable.

hlBut what do you need to become a good content creator? It starts before you start tapping on the keyboard.

There are some good habits that you can form to be a truly successful content creator.

Habits of successful content creators

1) Read daily news of the industry

1To create great content that really resonates with your target audience, you need to know what’s going on in your industry. The best creators of content scour the Internet (not just read but scour) in search of news and trends. This helps them understand the historical context and how it shapes the mentality of their target audience at the present time.

2) Write regularly

2Successful content authors understand the importance of constant training of writing muscles. Of course, they may not always have the inspiration, but they know that it can appear in the process of work.

To get used to writing, you need to do this every day or every other day. It can be just a fleeting sketch of thoughts and ideas.

3) Check the content

3Today anyone on the Internet can take someone else’s content and retweet it, share it on Facebook, etc. But successful content creators know that this is not enough. “You also need to position yourself as an expert,” says Guy Kawasaki, author of the best-selling New York Times.

Take the habit of curating content when you can add something of value. Give your readers additional information or opinion. Your audience will appreciate it. Or, at least, it will provoke debate.

4) Communicate on the network at every opportunity

4Successful authors understand that they still need a lot to learn, and are open to new ways of thinking. This is facilitated by network communication. People listen to the ideas of others and take them into consideration along with their own.

Use all the countless possibilities of network communication. No wonder they are called social networks! Spend time on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, find out who is the ideological leader in the industry, and follow it.

If you are not an extrovert, you might not like the idea of ​​network communication. Start small – with colleagues. You already have something in common, so starting a conversation should not be a problem.

5) Critically think

5Good content creators are curious by their nature. It is the ability to penetrate the essence that helps create wonderful content. “You have to be inquisitive to identify problems that are worth solving, and then come up with new solutions,” says Lorraine Tuhill, head of marketing for Google.

There is a lot of pressure on content marketers. 18% of them confirmed that the development of quality content was their top priority this year. If you treat these 18%, know that your success begins with habits.

Creating a content marketing strategy

It is not necessary to pay the agency for promoting the brand on the Internet, it can be realized on its own. One problem – without enough experience in Internet marketing, you will have to make a lot of mistakes before you find the right way. This problem is solved.

3 rules of effective Internet marketing:

  1. Refuse to advance in positions

This scheme is not beneficial to your business. Issue on HF-requests is practically frozen – after the cancellation of the reference ranking by “Yandex”, it was senseless to compete with the industry leaders for being in the top on high-frequency queries. But this does not mean that everything is lost. Understand: you do not need positions. All you need to grow leads and sales is traffic and expanding contacts with the target audience.

  1. Promote the site on a wide semantic core

Any low-frequency and mid-frequency request related to your market and business should be included in the list, adopted.

  1. Create high-quality content

Only the development and implementation of the content marketing strategy makes it possible to expand contacts with the audience, increase brand awareness, acquire the status of an expert in the market and raise sales.

What to do with a lack of experience?

At the start, it’s better to use “other people’s brains”. You will need:

  • a competent map of relevance that will set the direction of search promotion, eliminating the waste of time and money for unnecessary inquiries,
  • a content marketing strategy that will give a clear work plan so that your efforts are focused only on what is needed.

With these two documents, you will be able to take the marketing into your own hands, avoiding several years of stuffing cones and tolls.

The relevance map includes :

  • Optimized site structure in terms of search marketing and user convenience.
  • Distributed through the sections of the site semantic query groups.
  • Bind queries against the meta tags in which they should be used.

She is:

  • Will give an understanding of what materials your site needs.
  • Will help copywriters create content, working out the necessary key phrases on the right pages.
  • Provides the keys for contextual advertising.

KM-strategy is created on the basis of studying your market and business, analyzing the activity of your competitors on the Internet: their promotion strategies, their traffic channels, their content.

In this document, we study in detail the questions:

  • What have you already done to advance.
  • Who is your client, what does he need and where to look for him.
  • Which of your competitors is more successful on the Internet and why.

After these studies we:

  • We offer a new idea to your project, which will be close to your potential customers.
  • We tell what distribution channels should be used to “catch” the target audience and bypass direct competitors.
  • We explain what formats of content are better for using to achieve the set goals.
  • We recommend a team of specialists who are able to cope with the implementation of the strategy.
  • We show how to measure the effectiveness of the work done.

We have already created more than 200 KM-strategies!

Still have questions? Get a free consultation with a specialist using the form below. We will contact you and tell you how we develop KM-strategies and what this document can give specifically to your business.

How to increase website traffic: 60 ways that will blow up your traffic

On the question “How to increase traffic?” It is impossible to give a short and concise answer, because there are a lot of ways with which you can increase traffic to the site. That’s why we decided to prepare for you this material – a convenient cheat sheet with almost all known methods of traffic extraction. We say “practically”, because they could forget or miss something, but in any case this is one of the most complete articles on this topic, which are in the Runet and, we hope, it will be useful to you.

Are you ready to blow up your traffic?  Well, let's go then.

Are you ready to blow up your traffic? Well, let’s go then.


1. Collect the widest possible semantic core . Include all types of search queries there – not only HF, but also MF and LF (how to do it correctly, is written here in detail ), make up a competent site structure and begin to gradually process the collected keys.

2. Use the Key Collector or Slovoeb . These programs will allow you to automate and greatly facilitate the process of collecting keys.

3. Sort key phrases reasonably. Think first of all about what words your audience will look for the information they need.

Internal and external content marketing

4. Start blogging . But before that, make sure that it contains all the elements necessary for its development .

5. Publish your materials regularly. It is desirable not less often than 2 times a week. If there are no results for one or even a few months, do not stop, do not release the revolutions. To blogging began to bear fruit, it will take some time. Just take it as a fact.

6. Write about what you really understand . And what really can be useful to your users.

7. Publish the materials at the same time. This will develop a habit for your audience to read your blog regularly, keep an eye out for updates.

8. Remember about the semantic uniqueness . With each of your material, you must bring something new to the Internet: new information, a new approach, a new point of view. This is one of the significant factors of ranking.

9. Try to create content with viral potential: articles-lists with a large and beautiful figure in the title, infographics-cribs, articles that broadcast a unique experience.

10. Make your articles correct. Each of your text materials should have the following elements: a strong headline, a short intriguing lead, quality images with witty captions, as well as tie-ins with the most curious or important facts. All this will make your post more interesting and visually rich.

11. Try to evoke emotions in people . For this, here’s a good crib to help you.

12. Make a rating of the most famous personalities in your niche . Describe what they are famous for, add their photos and links to profiles in social networks. Most likely, many of them will want to share your creation with their subscribers, and you will get a significant increase in audience coverage.

13. Take an expert from your market interview and publish it on your blog. This will give you a good increase in attendance.

14. Make a list of the most common posts in your subject (as we did , for example). Such articles are simply doomed to receive a large number of likes and rassharivany.

15. Create a post-response. Find a controversial article in your niche and write the material in which you express your point of view on the question raised. Do not forget to make sure that the author of the original material has noticed your creation.

16. Conduct an objective survey of your market . Create on the basis of this study a quality white paper.

17. Do not force yourself into a framework . Practice different types of content delivery .

18. Save this book for yourself . He will be your saving wand, when there is a shortage of ideas (and he will surely come, believe).

19. Study the content of competitors. To understand what steps you need to take to get used to ng bigger traffic, you need to keep track of what your competitors.

20. Try to expand the subject of your blog . And look at what this will lead to. Sometimes a competent expansion of the subject results in a good increase in traffic. We tested this on our own experience, when several months were actively written on the topic of “business and self-development.” The main thing is, do not get carried away too much.

21. From time to time, revive your old content . To do this, you can use any of the proposed 12 ways .

22. Become a content curator. Announce in your blog useful publications from authoritative sources. How to find such content, read in our article .

23. Subscribe to Google Alerts for the requests of your market . You will receive notifications for published materials containing these key phrases.

24. Create a forum on your site . With the help of it, you can significantly improve the bounce rate, build a community that is interested in your subject and make your site start ranking by low-frequency key phrases.

25. Take up the guest posting . Just write not for links, but for the sake of expanding the reach of the audience. Otherwise, you can get a filter.

26. Start to keep a column on one of the most famous sites in your area . Becoming an author of Forbes is not so difficult as everyone thinks about it.

27. Use Google’s Q & A services , Mail.ru Answers and other similar resources. Answer questions related to your field of activity. Help users solve their problems without asking for anything in return.

28. Become an active commentator on forums and blogs related to your topic. Use your real name and photo.

29. Use the social aggregators Flipboard or Categoriya . With their help you can present your posts visually attractive.

30. Collect reviews . If you sell products, give a small discount to each customer for the obligation to leave an honest feedback on your site.

Social networks

31. Get official pages in all popular social networks : Facebook, Vkontakte, Classmates, Google+, Twitter.

32. Start working with Pinterest or Instagram. If you sell visual goods, you must necessarily attend one of these sites.

33. Do not ignore LinkedIn and Stumbleupon . Despite the fact that these social networks are not too popular in Runet, one day they can give you a good flow of traffic.

34. Let’s make full announcements of your materials in social networks. This means that they must have an introductory text, a photo and a link.

35. Include interesting excerpts in your posts . For example, quotes or statistics.

36. The most important and interesting posts are attached to the very top of the tape. To do this in Facebook, click on the arrow in the upper right corner of the post and select “Select publication”. To make this VKontakte, click on the publication time of the post and click “Pin”.

37. In the announcements on Facebook, add a call-to-action button . How to do it absolutely free of charge and without the use of advertising, is detailed here .

38. Use Twitter cards . To make your tweets look more beautiful and informative and get more conversions.

39. Write intriguing tweets that you want to click on . Yes, it’s an art, but you can learn it .

40. Make contests . Choose a worthy prize, set clear rules and go ahead. And for those who find it hard to come up with something special, you can use ready-made templates .

41. Give out discounts for “likes”. In Facebook, this can be done using the paid application Facebook Coupon App .

42. Exchange posts with similar communities. Find groups with about the same number of subscribers as you, and offer free exchange of posts.

43. Mention experts . When you quote or repost the material of one of the well-known experts in your field, mention its name with the @ symbol.

44. Prepare 10 article descriptions (these can be quotes, figures, unexpected conclusions) and publish them on social networks for several weeks in a row.

45. Save yourself a bookmark here this article and begin to implement these ideas in practice.

46. ​​Use the pay with a tweet button Its meaning is this: to download some useful content from your site (ebook, white paper, research, etc.), you need to share this link in Twitter. Thus, you can greatly increase the reach of the audience.

other methods

47. Engage in marketing. Agree with competitors on mutually beneficial cooperation. Mention each other in email-mailings, promote each other’s posts in social networks, write guest posts, etc.

48. Start by emailing . This is one of the most powerful tools to attract traffic and retain customers.

49. Promote your new posts in the newsletter . It is not necessary that all your letter consist of only links to your site, but a couple (for the most successful materials for the past week) is definitely worth adding.

50. Do news . Read our practical guide to master this technique and bring to your site a powerful flow of traffic.

51. Use paid ways of promotion. Contextual advertising, thematic advertising in social networks and on popular resources among your audience, placing banners on large on-site sites will help attract attention to your content.

52. Work with negative comments . Do not delete them, answer honestly and deployed. If you really are guilty, admit guilt and try to compensate for it.

53. Use semantic micro-markup . All the leading search engines recommend doing this to get the best results in the issue.

54. Use extended snippets. They attract the attention of users and increase the number of transitions to the site from the page of issue.

55. Remember: one day is one change on the site. Turn into the one who is constantly doing something, and not only building vague plans.

56. Take care of the “happiness of the user”. Increasing user satisfaction, you send an important signal to search engines – after switching to your site and viewing the material the user solves his problems.

57. Engage in offline advertising . Leave links to your site on branded products, company cars, flyers, radio advertisements, etc. (more interesting ways are described here ).

58. Track the results of your actions . Be engaged in web analytics, track all the necessary metrics , monitor social networks and mention your brand in the network. Only in this way you can understand what is effective and what is not.

59. Focus on those strategies that really work . Do not mindlessly do what others do. Try each method described in this article, and select only those that suit you and your business.

60. But do not get hung up on the same thing . Look for new ways to increase traffic, sites, tools and approaches. Open up new horizons and do not be afraid to experiment. This is the surest way to increase traffic.