Soon there will be a touch screen with a readable tactile surface

One of the drawbacks of all modern screens of computers, tablets, smartphones and televisions is the inability to use them with visually impaired people and completely blind. The team of scientists at the University of Michigan took a big step in solving this problem. Now they are creating a touchpad that combines modern computer technology with Braille technology. In the 19th century, Louis Braille developed a text messaging system using convex points

Russian physicists have learned to make ultra-precise nanogravure on glass

From conventional mechanical engraving on glass laser differs, first of all, by method, accuracy, size and its purpose. Suffice it to say that its parameters are measured in nanometers, which corresponds to approximately one thousandth of the thickness of a human hair. A unique laser technology developed by Russian scientists, representing the leading physical institutions of the country, will help in the future when creating ultra-precise circuits. The main role in

A robotic 3D printer on wheels will repair the roads of the future

A graduate of Harvard University, mechanical engineer Robert Flitch has joined the numerous line of 3D printing devices with his robotic mobile Addibot printer. Over his creation, Robert worked for more than two years. The idea he embodied, like all the talented, is very simple: he combined in one device a moving robot with a 3D printer. The main purpose of Addibot is to remove potholes on any flat surface, whether it’s

Best cheap tablets

It’s no surprise that inexpensive tablets are very popular. This is the segment that is always interesting to the widest range of potential buyers, because here you can always find an interesting and balanced solution. And the iPad does not have money for everyone. Therefore, we present a selection of really affordable and quality tablets of 2015. ASUS ZenPad C 7.0 Dear company among computer users, ASUS seriously took up the mobile market. Tablet ZenPad C

LED lamp Lumir-C shines without batteries and wires

LED lighting has become a part of our life due to the low cost of manufacture and unique energy efficiency. Manufacturers supplement the fixtures with all the new features – sensors, wireless communication, mechanisms for adjusting the intensity of lighting and even built-in speakers. However, the developers of the LED lamp Lumir-C went even further. They “saved” the lamp from traditional sources of energy – the network and batteries. All this will replace

The robot set a world record by collecting a Rubik's cube in 1,047 seconds

Programmers Jay Flatland and Paul Rose from Kansas posted a video on YouTube in which the robot they created collects Rubik’s cube in just 1.047 seconds, breaking the previous world record of 2.39 seconds. Flatland and Rose combined into one system frames printed on a 3D printer, stepper motors and four webcams connected to the computer via USB connectors and endowed with the ability to instantly determine the color of

Creating a content marketing strategy

It is not necessary to pay the agency for promoting the brand on the Internet, it can be realized on its own. One problem – without enough experience in Internet marketing, you will have to make a lot of mistakes before you find the right way. This problem is solved. 3 rules of effective Internet marketing: Refuse to advance in positions This scheme is not beneficial to your business. Issue on HF-requests is

How to increase website traffic: 60 ways that will blow up your traffic

On the question “How to increase traffic?” It is impossible to give a short and concise answer, because there are a lot of ways with which you can increase traffic to the site. That’s why we decided to prepare for you this material – a convenient cheat sheet with almost all known methods of traffic extraction. We say “practically”, because they could forget or miss something, but in any case this is