Robots and artificial intelligence will take 5 million jobs from people

The study, published at the beginning of the World Economic Forum in Davos, says that in the next five years the active introduction of robotics and artificial intelligence will lead to a reduction of 5 million “live” jobs in 15 advanced economies. Women will feel the greatest change, since the reduction will primarily affect the sphere of trade, office workers and administrators. Transformation and subsequent reduction of the labor market will

The first hypersonic engine manufactured using 3D-printing technology was tested

In the creation of a hypersonic passenger aircraft overcoming the distance from New York to London in one hour, another step is taken. Orbital specialists at the NASA research center in Langley, Virginia, successfully tested a hypersonic engine printed on a 3D printer. The aircraft with such an engine will be able to reach speeds of up to 5500 km / h. The combustion chamber of the engine was manufactured using the

Titanic efforts to raise the sunken ferry Baltic Ace

When a huge transport ferry Baltic Ace collided with a container ship in December 2012 and almost immediately sank, there were 1400 cars and more than 100,000 gallons of lubricating oil on its board. But for four years all this cargo continued to lie on the bottom of the North Sea inside the wreckage of the ship. The threat of leakage of thousands of gallons of oil in the middle of

Topchair-S wheelchair was taught to use stairs

Disabled wheelchair users on the streets of the city every day have to overcome dozens of obstacles in the form of curbs, ladders, thresholds, because not everywhere there are saving ramps. The wheelchair with electric drive Topchair-S will successfully cope with most of them. The stroller is equipped with a combined system of movement consisting of the main, additional wheels and caterpillars. It automatically determines the beginning and end of the ladder

The reusable New Shepard missile successfully landed after the second space flight

Last Friday, the team of the aerospace company Blue Origin, headed by Jeff Bezos, repeated its November success : the carrier rocket New Shepard, after putting the payload into orbit (101.7 km), made a vertical landing with the help of a braking motor. This time, the autonomous system of piloting the launch vehicle has been refined with the expectation of greater stability of landing. During the first flight, the emphasis was on landing

A graphene microlens with a thickness of one billion meters

With the improvement of photonic chips and nanooptics, it became necessary to create appropriate microlenses, since their glass “ancestors” are not suitable for this role. And as it was already many times, graphene came to the rescue. A team of researchers at the University of Technology of Swinburne developed a microlensa based on graphene one billionth of a meter thick, which allowed them to get a clear image of objects the

5 habits of a successful content creator

Ninety percent of marketing companies use content marketing as part of their strategy. However, this does not mean that all the content that they create is convincing and valuable. But what do you need to become a good content creator? It starts before you start tapping on the keyboard. There are some good habits that you can form to be a truly successful content creator. Habits of successful content creators 1) Read