The concept of an airplane with the passenger cabin separating in an emergency

Unfortunately, in the case of severe air incidents, the chances of rescuing passengers are very small. Engineer Vladimir Tatarenko proposed the original concept of a passenger liner with a detachable cabin, which is undocked in emergency situations and lands with parachutes. At the time of landing, the parachutes will insure special rubber cushioning tubes and inflatable cushions in case of splashdown. In the design of the liner, Tatarenko proposes the use of

The potential of the human brain was 10 times greater than previously thought

Measuring the capacity of synapses – connections of neurons of the brain, American scientists came to the conclusion that the possibilities of human memory are underestimated at least 10 times. Only one synapse can hold about 4.7 bits of information, which on a brain-wide scale grows to 1 petabyte. The “paper” equivalent looks even more impressive – this corresponds to 20 million 400 thousand boxes filled with sheets of textual information. The

Electric-trained stem cells will help beat the diseased heart

The use of stem cells to treat the consequences of severe cardiovascular diseases is one of the promising areas of modern cardiology. The main problem for today is the adaptation of implanted cells to the cardiac muscle in order to avoid their rejection. One of the possible ways of cardiac rehabilitation is the creation of cardiomyocytes, cardiac muscle cells injected by injection. A team of researchers at Columbia University has developed a

The scientist suggested using amber as an additive to fuel

The Baltic coast of the Kaliningrad region has been known since ancient times for its deposits of amber, used (after appropriate processing) to create jewelry. But not every piece of amber can turn into an exquisite brooch or luxurious beads. A large part of it is unsuitable for processing. Boris Vorotnikov, head of the department of chemistry at the Kaliningrad Technical University, says that he has found a worthy use of amber

The ninth planet X. Reality or conjecture?

The results of the research of the employees of the California Institute of Technology Mike Brown and Konstantin Batygin, published in The Astronomical Journal, made a sensation not only among the astronomical community. According to the calculations of scientists, in the so-called Kuiper belt there must be one more, the ninth planet of the Solar system, conditionally called Planet X. It is still too early to talk about a full-fledged discovery,

Fearless scientist shot himself to confirm the law of physics

Andreas Val is not an ordinary physicist. Instead of publishing lectures and lecturing, he confirms the laws of physics in the most extreme ways. In his last video shot in Norway, the scientist shot into his own stomach. Of course, Andreas remained alive. The point is that the shot was made under water. Water has a much higher density than air, which means that a bullet fired at a speed that would be deadly

The bored clerk built a multi-roomed needle in his backyard

While the whole of the east coast of America fought with a continuing snowfall, 27-year-old clerk John Linsdey from Pennsylvania decided to take advantage of the moment and built an “elite” needle out of the snow right in his backyard. “I already did something like this when I was little. But then there was not so much snow, – Linsdey admits. – I grabbed a huge pile and then dug a tunnel

Canon EOS 700D Launched With 18-megapixel Image Sensor

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