Electric-trained stem cells will help beat the diseased heart

The use of stem cells to treat the consequences of severe cardiovascular diseases is one of the promising areas of modern cardiology. The main problem for today is the adaptation of implanted cells to the cardiac muscle in order to avoid their rejection. One of the possible ways of cardiac rehabilitation

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DARPA develops a brain implant to manage computers

The Advanced Development Agency DARPA is working on the creation of an implant chip, through which the human brain can interact and control the operation of computers. Neuroimplant is designed to increase the speed of communication with computers, which will lead to the creation of a new type of electronic

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The scientist suggested using amber as an additive to fuel

The Baltic coast of the Kaliningrad region has been known since ancient times for its deposits of amber, used (after appropriate processing) to create jewelry. But not every piece of amber can turn into an exquisite brooch or luxurious beads. A large part of it is unsuitable for processing. Boris Vorotnikov, head

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