Top 5 insider techniques to rank your content in SERP

Top 5 insider techniques to rank your content in SERP

The full form of SERP is search engine results page. It is obvious that each and every blogger or website owners want to have their pages on the first page of results.

It is because that almost 99% of users will visit and find the information which they are looking for in the top 10 search results and most likely they won’t visit the next pages.

This builds a competition among blogs and websites. Among many tips and tricks, here are the 5 most important and effective techniques to follow to get your pages in the top search results.

Do not deviate content to other topics:

  • Every article has a headline and content related to it. Users visit your site hoping they will find a solution for what they are looking for. The whole content which we write should be related to the topic. It should not get deviated to other topics which are useless for them and a waste of time.

More focus should be on the framing of headlines:

  • There are so many websites and blogs with the same information. Whenever a user searches for something in internet, lots of websites appear. How should a user decide which one to click first? They simply scroll the search results until they get attracted to some headline. Then the users open it up to find out the content.
  • Headlines should be short and pointing towards the problem. As soon as they see the headline they should get the feeling that this will solve the problem. A great content with a bad headline is worth going to garbage.

Write for people and not for search engines:

  • It is true that everyone wants money out of blogging and websites. The primary step is to write good content and do SEO (Search Engine Optimization). With SEO, search engines will be able to find your pages out of many and display them to users. One of the steps in SEO is keywords in content.
  • The words which are mostly searched by users become keywords for topics. More keywords in the content will make the article an easy pick for search engines. Most of the writers are stuffing keywords unnecessarily. A user can feel that keywords are repeated as they read when they find out that same words are being used many times in the content.
  • Keyword stuffing results in bad reviews of content and increases bounce rate which is not at all good for websites or blogs in long run. So, write the content and use keywords only when they are needed. It is better to have fewer keywords than many which decrease the value of content. It all depends on the topics for which content is written.

Try out SEO tools:

  • SEO tools will do the same work which an SEO analyst does. But it is better to have a review so that if by mistake anything is missed, the software will notify you.
  • This is a good thing after all. Yoast SEO is a free plugin readily available for WordPress platform. Right from headline till the keyword usage, a detailed analysis is provided and suggestions are also given by this plugin.
  • Google Analytics is the best place to find keywords for topics. SEMrush is one such service to observe your websites and analysis of keywords and backlinks are done and suitable solutions are also provided. Keyword research can also be done with SEMrush.

Write Quality content:

  • If one can become rich with a single article then there would be a lot of rich people around us. But it is not like this and reputation is earned with time.
  • As reputation is built, many people will become regular visitors to your blog or website and from that moment you can start earning revenue.
  • Writing Quality content in regular intervals is important. If you are not posting articles regularly, then no one wants to visit your site. There is a 99% chance that a user will wait for your next articles curiously if he/she really likes the way you write. This is where reputation begins.
  • Articles will get shared if they are worth it. Sharing will open your blogs to new people from which they may be shared again in their circle and goes on. A Quality article is described as an article which is written without copying from other websites and no keyword stuffing.

These are few of the techniques to be followed to get your pages in top search results. One thing to remember is that these techniques once done is not sufficient. Many websites are added every minute and there is a whole lot of competition online. It is better to optimize the content whenever possible and to post articles on regular basis. Communication with users should never be neglected and top preference should be given to users.

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