10 people who want to be forgotten by Google

10 people who want to be forgotten by Google

Who do you think is among the contenders for Google ‘s recently acquired  “right to be forgotten” ? Employees search engine for sharing this information with MarketingLand, and which  published a  list of 10 people who applied for the removal of pages from the SERPs.


A politician who behaved in an unseemly manner

The former politician sent a request with the request to remove from the search links to articles about his behavior in the ministry (which, to all appearances, characterizes him not from the best side).

Doctor with negative reviews

The doctor asked to delete the page with reviews about his work, again, presumably because these reviews are mostly negative.

Convicted pedophile

A man who was convicted of possession of child pornography wants to remove references to his allegations from the search.

A celebrity kid with a criminal past

A celebrity child asks to remove news articles about his criminal conviction.

A company with bad reviews

The company, which is accused of extorting money from clients, asks to remove from the search links to the forum with a discussion of their activities.

The actor hiding his novel

The actor asks to remove articles about his love affair with a certain young person.

The person who committed the attempted murder

The unknown, who tried to kill his family, does not want the public to remember this incident.

Suspended teacher

The teacher, who was removed from his job, asks for the removal of articles about his case.

Cyber ​​stalker, or the Internet maniac

The convicted Internet maniac, whose name is mentioned in the article on prosecution for Internet prosecution, asks to remove the link to this article.

A tax evader

The tax evader wants to remove from the search all references that lead to articles about his involvement in the violation of the law.

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