50% OFF WPX Hosting Coupon

50% OFF WPX Hosting Coupon

Finding the best place to host your website is a challenging task. Because no matter where you go, every web host claims themselves to be the best. But, there are a few web hosting providers who silently serve you with excellent services without over bloated marketing schemes. WPX Hosting is one of them.

And we’re giving you a chance to buy hosting from them at 50% off! Here’s why you should consider hosting your website with WPX Hosting.

Why Choose WPX Hosting?

You probably haven’t heard so much about WPX Hosting, because unlike other popular web hosting providers, WPX doesn’t spend a ton of money on expensive marketing, claiming themselves to be the “best”. They let their quality services speak for themselves.

WPX is fairly new in the web hosting world, but they already have a set of competitive hosting plans and a high-quality service that ranks them higher above most other web hosting providers.

WPX Hosting specializes in WordPress and offers several high-performing web hosting plans for hosting high-traffic blogs or even hosting multiple websites using the same hosting plan. This makes WPX the perfect solution for niche bloggers as well.

Main Features

WPX Hosting doesn’t offer lots of different hosting plans, but the few plans they do offer are brilliantly catered to fit all types of businesses, big and small, and they come with lots of useful features.

Host Multiple Websites

Each hosting plan on WPX allows you to host more than one website. This means you can build multiple WordPress blogs and websites on the same server, without having to purchase separate hosting plans for each website you build.

1-Click WordPress Installation

Installing WordPress is easy but most beginners still struggle to figure this part out. You won’t have to worry about that when using WPX Hosting. You can setup WordPress with just one-click with each WPX Hosting plan.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Most people hesitate to give a new hosting provider a chance. What if their service is poor? What if your site loads slower on the server? What if they don’t respond to your questions quickly? These are some of the questions that run through your mind when trying to pick a new web host.

This is why WPX Hosting offer you a 30-day money back guarantee that offer you a full refund if you feel dissatisfied with their service.

Free Site Migration

Not satisfied with your current web hosting provider? No problem, you can move your website to WPX Hosting for free without having to do anything. WPX will handle all the technical stuff on your behalf for free.

Daily Malware Scan

One of the unique features offered by WPX Hosting is the daily malware scan, which automatically scans your website every day to see if it’s been infected by malware or under attack by hackers. This is an incredibly amazing feature that you don’t usually get from most other hosting providers, at least not for free.

Daily Backup

With WPX Hosting, you can peacefully sleep at night without having to worry about hackers stealing your website or someone else deleting your WordPress posts because WPX offers to backup your website every day, for free. So, if something goes wrong, you’ll always be able to revert back.

These are only a few of the cool features you get with WPX Hosting. There’s much more.

More Amazing Features

In addition to all those main features, WPX Hosting comes with plenty of other options and functions that make them one of a kind.

  • Live Chat Support: Got a question about WPX Hosting? Ask them at any time. Their support team is available 24/7/365.
  • Free Unlimited SSL: Secure all your WordPress websites with SSL and get better rankings on Google, for free!
  • Free Domain Privacy: When hosting your domain with WPX, you will receive privacy for your domain for free. Usually, this costs around $7.99 per year.
  • SSD Storage: WPX servers are fully equipped with SSDs for storing websites and offering you super-fast website loading speeds.
  • Free Email: You also get free email accounts with each WPX Hosting plan.
  • 99.5% Uptime: Never worry about your servers going down and losing hundreds of valuable customers. WPX Hosting promises an uptime guaranteed to keep your website up and running around the clock.

WPX Hosting Plans

WPX Hosting plans start with their Business plan. There’s no small or individuals plan available. But, that doesn’t mean WPX is not affordable for individual bloggers.

If you enjoy powerful, fast, and reliable servers with responsive customer support, WPX offers the most affordable plans for everyone.

WPX Hosting offers 3 different pricing plans:

  • Business: Priced at $24.99 per month, the WPX Business hosting plan provides you with 10GB of storage and 50GB bandwidth for hosting up to 5 WordPress or static websites.
  • Professional: Priced at $49.99 per month, the WPX Professional hosting plan lets you build up to 15 websites and it comes with 20GB storage and 200GB bandwidth.
  • Elite: Priced at $99 per month, the WPX Elite plan is for the ultimate website builder. It gives you Unlimited bandwidth and 40GB of storage space for hosting up to 35 websites on the same server.

With these plans, you’ll not only be able to confidently host your website with a managed WordPress hosting provider without having any issues, but you’ll also be able to easily upgrade to a better plan when your website is getting bigger.

Our Gift To You: 50% OFF WPX Hosting Coupon

We know how difficult it is to build a WordPress website with a small budget. Getting started is the hardest part. Which is why we’re giving you an exclusive coupon to get any WPX Hosting plan at 50% off.

Use our coupon code “wpkube” at the checkout to get the special offer and take 50% off the first month on any plan your purchase from WPX Hosting.

When it comes to web hosting, there’s no single “best” hosting provider. But, WPX certainly makes the case to set themselves apart from the rest by providing a high-quality service and offering fully-equipped managed hosting plans at affordable rates.

If you’re planning on building a new WordPress website, moving your site to a new server, or even starting a blogging business, WPX Hosting can be a reliable hosting provider that you can count on for building a lasting business online.

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