Best cheap tablets

Best cheap tablets

Best Cheap Tablet

It’s no surprise that inexpensive tablets are very popular. This is the segment that is always interesting to the widest range of potential buyers, because here you can always find an interesting and balanced solution. And the iPad does not have money for everyone. Therefore, we present a selection of really affordable and quality tablets of 2015.

ASUS ZenPad C 7.0

ASUS Zen Pad 7

Dear company among computer users, ASUS seriously took up the mobile market. Tablet ZenPad C 7.0 has a basic set of features, as well as a 7-inch screen with a glossy matrix IPS. It is pleasant to surprise the appearance of the gadget, where there are quite high-quality materials, because of which to hold the handset really nice. This tablet allows you to combine operators with two sim cards in a simultaneous mode. The positive features include the presence of Android 5.0, as well as accelerator video Mali-450 MP4. But the location of the Atom x3 C3230 from Intel is surprising, because the device does not always cope not only with games, but even with video playback. Afflicts and a rather weak camera, but otherwise there are no problems.

Prestigio MultiPad PMT3087 3G

Prestigio Multipad

A truly budgetary tablet PMT3087 3G from the company Prestigio can be purchased for $ 60. What do we get for this modest money? Android 5.0 out of the box, good case materials, 3G support, a quality microphone and a loud speaker, as well as moderate performance. But 512 MB of RAM will obviously not be enough for daily business. But much more disappointing 7-inch screen, displaying a very faded and poor-quality picture. The main camera is not here, and the front module is just for a tick. It is important to remember the price of the model.

TeXet TM-7866 3G

Texet X-pad HIT

An excellent anti-crisis option is a tablet TM-7866 3G. TeXet also gave this device an alternative name – X-pad HIT 7 3G. For $ 50 you can become the owner of a gadget with a good set of multimedia functions. In TM-7866 3G is a quality display with a 7-inch matrix and a standard resolution of 1024 by 600 pixels. Let the screen and TFT, but the color saturation and brightness level here is quite enough, in addition to viewing angles. The absence of a camera must be taken for granted. Surprising quad-core processor SC5735 from Spreadtrum, able to cope with the overwhelming number of games. There are both 3G and FM radio. Quite a good budget.

Lenovo TAB 2 (A7-20F 8Gb)

Lenovo Tab 2

Available tablet from Lenovo under the name TAB 2 is able to please not only the quality performance, but also decent characteristics. For $ 70 user can use the advanced processor MTK8127 with four cores, IPS screen with 7 inches, as well as two medium-quality cameras. A big plus is the availability of 1 GB of RAM and Android 5.0. I want to scam a tablet for the poorest configuration, which does not include even a protective film and a normal device for charging. Gadget owners also note a relatively large amount of marriage associated with the display.

Prestigio MultiPad PMT3777 3G

Prestigio PMT3777

PMT3777 3G model of Prestigio products have only recently entered the market, but can already boast of having Android 5.1 platform out of the box. Tablet runs through Intel Atom x3 processor, namely C3230 modification with four cores. The choice of this processor moot, since the chip is very serious charge, and save a little heated, the vendors do not always optimize their applications for it. The result can be observed lag in some situations, and the battery lasts for a very short time. More claims to the device simply do not exist.

TeXet TM-7879

TeXet TM-7879

In this tablet, TeXet made the main bet on good performance and performance in the networks of the new generation. All these requirements and corresponds to TM-7879, which is also referred to as Rapid 7.1 4G. If the external device does not surprise, then inside is a modern processor with 64-bit architecture MTK8735. This is a somewhat truncated version of the popular chip, running at 1000 MHz, but still the performance is at a very decent level. It’s worth adding highly optimized and modified OS of Android 5.1. And the deployment of LTE and 3G modules here guarantees the highest speed of the Internet. You do not have to count on detailed photos, and the screen could be IPS. But the main rate was obviously not made on these parameters.

Digma Eve 8.1 3G

Digma Eve 8.1

You can not ignore the tablet on Windows 8.1 called Digma Eve 8.1 3G. The user is greeted with 16 GB of memory, four powerful Atom CPUs Z3735E and a very good 8-inch screen with advanced IPS matrix. Architecture Bay-Trail allows you to run even undemanding computer games. Unfortunately, you can not upgrade to Windows 10, what you need to consider when buying. There are also program errors, but there is simply no separate button for rebooting the device. In this case, Eve 8.1 3G will be an excellent gift for fans of the platform from Microsoft.

Cube T8

Cube T8

The Chinese company Cube fell in love for the low cost of devices, worthy stuffing and high quality. Tablet T8 is just like that. It is based on Android 5.1, has 16 GB of already built-in memory, and for speed meets MTK8735 with 64-bit architecture and four cores. This gadget on the shoulder is almost any task, and many games are run on medium-high graphics settings. A nice bonus is the LTE module. But take for taking photos the tablet is clearly not worth it. Somewhat upsetting and assembly: in some places you can hear the creak of plastic. The built-in 8-inch IPS screen is very good, and it is really desirable to view video and high-quality photos on it.

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