Creating a content marketing strategy

Creating a content marketing strategy

It is not necessary to pay the agency for promoting the brand on the Internet, it can be realized on its own. One problem – without enough experience in Internet marketing, you will have to make a lot of mistakes before you find the right way. This problem is solved.

3 rules of effective Internet marketing:

  1. Refuse to advance in positions

This scheme is not beneficial to your business. Issue on HF-requests is practically frozen – after the cancellation of the reference ranking by “Yandex”, it was senseless to compete with the industry leaders for being in the top on high-frequency queries. But this does not mean that everything is lost. Understand: you do not need positions. All you need to grow leads and sales is traffic and expanding contacts with the target audience.

  1. Promote the site on a wide semantic core

Any low-frequency and mid-frequency request related to your market and business should be included in the list, adopted.

  1. Create high-quality content

Only the development and implementation of the content marketing strategy makes it possible to expand contacts with the audience, increase brand awareness, acquire the status of an expert in the market and raise sales.

What to do with a lack of experience?

At the start, it’s better to use “other people’s brains”. You will need:

  • a competent map of relevance that will set the direction of search promotion, eliminating the waste of time and money for unnecessary inquiries,
  • a content marketing strategy that will give a clear work plan so that your efforts are focused only on what is needed.

With these two documents, you will be able to take the marketing into your own hands, avoiding several years of stuffing cones and tolls.

The relevance map includes :

  • Optimized site structure in terms of search marketing and user convenience.
  • Distributed through the sections of the site semantic query groups.
  • Bind queries against the meta tags in which they should be used.

She is:

  • Will give an understanding of what materials your site needs.
  • Will help copywriters create content, working out the necessary key phrases on the right pages.
  • Provides the keys for contextual advertising.

KM-strategy is created on the basis of studying your market and business, analyzing the activity of your competitors on the Internet: their promotion strategies, their traffic channels, their content.

In this document, we study in detail the questions:

  • What have you already done to advance.
  • Who is your client, what does he need and where to look for him.
  • Which of your competitors is more successful on the Internet and why.

After these studies we:

  • We offer a new idea to your project, which will be close to your potential customers.
  • We tell what distribution channels should be used to “catch” the target audience and bypass direct competitors.
  • We explain what formats of content are better for using to achieve the set goals.
  • We recommend a team of specialists who are able to cope with the implementation of the strategy.
  • We show how to measure the effectiveness of the work done.

We have already created more than 200 KM-strategies!

Still have questions? Get a free consultation with a specialist using the form below. We will contact you and tell you how we develop KM-strategies and what this document can give specifically to your business.

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