Drone Gladius Advanced Pro will explore the underwater world in safety

Drone Gladius Advanced Pro will explore the underwater world in safety

Someone is fond of freediving, others are more important than their own safety and comfort – before our eyes a new direction of entertainment is developing, underwater shooting with the help of drones. Instead of plunging into frightening depths in person, a human operator launches an underwater drone Gladius Advanced Pro with a camera and a backlight system on board. This does not require special preparation, the maximum depth of immersion reaches 100 m, and the duration of shooting is limited only by the level of battery charge.

The Gladius Advanced Pro kit consists of the very weight of 5 kg and the control cable coil. To hope for a radio signal under water is meaningless, therefore both management, and the insurance of the car require the presence of a cable. But Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support is also there, to connect the docking station, it’s the remote control, to the user’s tablet or smartphone. We fix the cable to the drone, check the tightness of the joints, throw them into the water – they swam!


The experience of flying drones control will only be a hindrance, Gladius moves like a submarine, changing the position of the rudders, heading and pitch, speeding up or slowing the rotation of the propellers. Hover in the water and adjust your position, hold in place against the current, keep the camera orientation on the subject of shooting – all these maneuvers have to be performed manually.

The best environment for shooting will, of course, be transparent, quiet water. Here the camera with support for 4K and a lamp for 2400 lumens will show themselves in full glory. Prepare for an easy disappointment, the built-in memory for 64 GB is filled quickly, but the transfer of files to the tablet or the Internet lasts a long time. It’s time to recharge the batteries, which, with an economical move under the water and off lights give only about 4 hours of operation. The price of the drone is $ 2,199, however in the model range there are versions and cheaper.

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