An incandescent lamp, competing in efficiency with LEDs

An incandescent lamp, competing in efficiency with LEDs

New incandescent lamp

The main advantage of fluorescent and LED lamps in comparison with obsolete incandescent lamps is in economy. However, a new study has made it possible to create light-emitting strands that are not inferior, and perhaps even superior in efficiency, to modern LEDs.

The fact is that a lot of energy in incandescent lamps goes away as heat. A team of researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology came up with a method to return heat back to the filament. Scientists themselves called this process “recycling of light.”

As a thermal insulation, several layers of crystals were used, acting as mirrors, which reflect infrared radiation, “returning” it back to heat the filament. As a result, the light becomes brighter. According to one of the researchers Marin Soljacic:

“The system invented by us recycles energy, which otherwise would be wasted.”

The prototype of the light bulb created by scientists works 6% more efficient than low-budget LEDs. According to the developers, in the future this figure can be increased to 40%.

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