Intelligent helmet Jarvish X-AR will receive augmented reality and support Alexa

Intelligent helmet Jarvish X-AR will receive augmented reality and support Alexa

The company Jarvish from Taiwan announced an early entry into the market of an innovative tool for bikers – the same “smart helmet”. The working version has already passed certification on DOT, ECE and other Asian standards, so the commercial version of the helmet will be ready by next year.

The helmet is equipped with a “screen of augmented reality.” On its glass displays useful information about the trip – somehow speed, fuel, weather forecast, time, traffic data, navigation information, checking mail and incoming messages. To switch between the data blocks and the general control of the helmet, the driver will use the voice assistant Alexa.

On the Jarvish carbon shell are mounted wide-angle camera-recorders, for the front and back hemispheres of the review, which in total will provide almost panoramic video. Of course, the picture from the back camera will be available to the driver without any mirrors. In addition, he can connect to the smartphone without the help of hands, go online, order services on online services, listen to music on the road. Up to making purchases and paying for them on the move, to roll to the point of issue, pick up the goods and move on.

Alas, the Jarvish X-AR’s own resources are very scarce. This drive is 16 GB, with the ability to connect memory cards to 256 GB, plus a battery for only 4 hours of operation. Probably, in the complete set there will be an adapter for its charging directly on the move. The cost of the helmet for the customer is estimated at a thousand dollars or more.

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