The Russian developer creates simple and functional tools for video processing

The Russian developer creates simple and functional tools for video processing

In the modern world, people are constantly faced with editing video. A huge number of people every day shoots a video, takes photos in order to fill them in the social network. Before you post a captured video or photo, you need to edit it. Make at least basic edits, such as: trimming, adding effects and text.

When it comes to YouTube or any other site where you need to publish complex and interesting videos, you need more complicated editing than just cropping the record. Therefore, many novice users at the planning stage lose the desire to remove something, because then you have to mount everything, and this is not the easiest process. Beginners are afraid to use special programs to work with photos and videos, because they believe that they are very complex and they need a long time to understand. In part, this is true, but Movavi does not agree with this.

Movavi is a Russian software developer who creates tools for working with images and video. The main feature of their programs is an intuitive interface. All buttons and tools are clearly defined for specific tasks. Do you want to replace the background? – Click “Replace background”. Do you want to delete the object from the photo? – Click on “Delete Objects”. To change the video, the company also created a handy tool.

Main functions of the video editor

Movavi Editor

Movavi Video Editor is easy to use, like any other company tool. That’s why they are enjoying with both very inexperienced users and professionals. The interface of the program is built in the usual style for the editors. On the right is a result view window, on the left are editing tools, and below is a temporary track.

The program has all the main functions of the video editor. With it, you can perform all the standard tasks, such as cropping, color correction, adding a test, rotating the image, and more. However, since this is a full-fledged application for editing, you can work with several video and audio tracks at once, creating completely new videos, and not just editing the original one.

Movavi Video Editor

In addition to standard tools, the Movavi video editor has background replacement, stabilization and censoring functions. Replacement of background is very convenient for those who shoot video on youtube using chromakey. To use it you just need to press one button. Stabilization allows you to remove the shudder of the image due to shooting with shaking hands, for example.

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